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If you find that you can't log in to a website that requires a username and password, follow the steps described in this article. If you are looking to have your old website migrated to a new Sharefaith website, but don't know the information to login to your existing site. Since this online company asked for my website log in details to fix an issue, I've asked my hosting providers if it was safe to provide them this. website login details


Cracking Login Panel Passwords with Fireforce Log in or Sign up. You are using an out of date browser. What if you don't want to force https on the login page or what if you don't want to buy an SSL certificate at all? Your Email password specific to a single email account. Egmont Senior Member Massachusetts, U. Dictionary and thread title search: Most web developers know that if their users enter a username and password to login to a site that isn't secured by an SSL ballys fitness center, an attacker can see their username and password in plain text.